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Meet the Maker

My name is Monique Mitchell and I'm the owner and designer of LUNAFLECT co. LUNAFLECT co began in early 2012, shortly after my daughter Jordan was born when I struggled to find more interesting accessories for her. I wanted more BLACK and bibs that integrated with her wardrobe and didn't look like just what it was, a bib.

I started out with simple tote bags, diaper carriers, and bandana bibs. At the time I as primarily custom, allowing my customers to request the fabrics and patterns they wanted. Everything was done through Instagram, which at the time wasn't used much for buying and selling. It was a struggle to build my audience, but little by little, I gained more popularity and I saw my hobby turn more into a business. 4 years later, I have moved over to limited quantities of clothing that I designed, and stepped away from custom. 

I still make each piece by hand in my home studio located in Central Indiana. From selecting fabrics and trim, to sewing, to printing labels and packaging. I do it all! I couldn't ask for a better job, or better customers. I am thankful each day that I get to do something I am passionate about.